The Company

the boundary hills between Tuscany and Liguria... marked by rows of the Farm Cantine Bondonor. More precisely in the hills of Ortonovo we find this lovely family run business, where Luca Menconi with the help of father Giuliano and his brother Nicola produces, with passion and dedication, only wines of the highest quality. The estate covers an area of about 5 acres all owned vineyards and olive tree ...

The Winegrower

we work the land so that its fruits are the tastiest.
Our philosophy is to understand and give voice to the nature, to express and enhance the properties and the characteristics of the vineyards. Our products are the highest expression of our passion in making wine.

Our Wines

The continued growth in the wine industry has brought its results.
Some years have now passed since Cantine Bondonor made their entry in the world of viticulture, since that day we increasingly honed our skills with ongoing experience vintage after vintage and we are proud to show you our wines in production ....

Our Lands

in the eastern part of Liguria.
The last piece of Liguria to the Tuscany border between the Ligurian Sea and Tyrrhenian Sea creates a slice of heaven. Here, close to the stunning coastline, there are airy and sunny hills of the ancient Luni where, since the days of the Roman Empire, gained fame for their plantations of vines from which were obtained in sublime wines. Pliny the elder said: “In Hetruria quidem Lunae vina obitmere palman”

Fiera Verona

7-8-9 Ottobre 2016
c/o Stand Santafiora9-18 PM
Viale del Lavoro 8 - 37135 Verona - Tel. 045 8298111 - Fax 045 8298288


Our goals are to stimulate our future


We exalt our wines by combining them with typical Italian cuisine


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Via Isola Alta n° 53, 19034 Ortonovo (SP)

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