“ For us to do wine is not just work, but it’s passion and philosophy of life: you turn a bunch of grapes into a substance “with a soul” so complex and changing into a liquid that expresses nature in its various facets, aromatic and gustative vision.

Our philosophy is to understand and give voice to the nature, to express and enhance the properties and characteristics of the vineyards. Our products are the highest expression of our passion in making wine.

With dedication and passion we strive to produce only high quality wines.


Our treasure

The vineyards are situated at an elevation of approximately 70m to Ortonovo above sea level and at a distance of about 6 km from the coast. We do not use herbicides and we use natural fertilizers.

The harvest is done when the balance between sugars and acidity of the grapes is perfect to get only high quality wines; it is accomplished by hand in small cases by careful selection of the grapes.

The soils

and their value

Hilly-type land drained, rich in minerals, clay, rock friable and Apuane marble give unique characteristics to the wine.

“Here we planted more than just roots, here we decided to build our future”