Veni vidi….

… and I fell in love on Earth.

The philosophy that drives all of our work lies in small daily joys since the early morning when, passing through vineyards and deep breaths, you can subtly guess the flavour of the sea during the days of Libeccio.

And the smell of damp earth during rainy days so expensive but at the same time sad with grapes. Making wine and working the land are visceral ties between man and nature and nothing in the world can better describe this bond if not the flavor you can taste a good glass of wine.


There & Back

to begin with we must always start.

On 8/25/1983 was born in Tuscany in the town of Carrara, famous worldwide for its white marble. The Family “Menconi dei Bondonor di Avenza” has historical origins of Bondonor Menconi; Bondonor, Italianized saying that means “good and honorable” and coined in the early 1900s is known internationally for generations in the stone industry, especially in the production of abrasives for polishing of marble.

Luca, a lover of nature and the sea since he was young, interests sent by his father Giuliano, fell in love to deep sea fishing, scuba diving and surfing and especially this latter takes him from an early age to travel in much of the world.

He graduated as accountant in 2002, and in 2003 began working in the familycompany (Fratelli Menconi Abrasives).

Eclectic and unconventional, he shapes his culture and personality “bouncing” among the Atlantic coast of the Basque Country, the Canary Islands, South East Asia, the Indonesian Archipelago, including the Island of Bali, his “second home”, Maldives, Cape Verde Islands, Morocco, Turkey and Costa Rica; in 2007 he spent three months in Australia and on the way back he stopped in Thailand and London.


takes hours and hours

After the trip back home he receives a welcome news; the family during his absence has purchased a modest plot of land in the hills of the ancient Luni in Ortonovo for building the new residence.

Completely unrelated to the world of agriculture and wine, they think to grow grapes to give to various already known local producers.

Luca, who at the time was twenty-four years old, starts to approach to this world with his father Giuliano and his brother Nicola and starts just for fun to produce small amounts of wine just for family use.

In 2008 the family Menconi formed the Cantine Bondonor; wanting to wedge a piece of land in the foothills of the Ligurian mountain nearby Avenza, complete with a coat of arms depicting a Crescent (symbol of fraction “carrarese”) in a shield held by two Griffins.

The game turns into a passion: Luca offers to manage the family company and the first label comes out in the spring of 2011 “LUNARIS DOC Colli di Luni Vermentino 2010”; since that moment is a series of experiences and developments, sacrifices and satisfactions, work nights spent in the basement to get to the reality of today.


always looking to the future.

With over 10 years of experience and a growing desire to improve and expand the Cantine Bondonor, in the person of Luca Menconi, they found their balance and their strength.

The philosophy that accompanies the every day work is the same, unchanged and even more fortified from the responses that the land with its fruits keeps on giving.

If the passion for your job flows in your veins as one that which accompanies the Cantine Bondonor you hardly would like to quit or get too comfortable, but on the contrary you would more and more from yourself.


“Discover the world and indulge their passions are the best way to grow as a person and as a professional.”

 “Drinks improve men :
They do good business,
win the causes,
They are happy
and support friends.
Aristophanes (450 BC – 388 BC)