a territory rich in history and tradition

“In Hetruria quidem Lunae vina obitmere palman”

Plinio il Vecchio

The last piece of Liguria to the Tuscany border between the Ligurian Sea and Tyrrhenian Sea creates a slice of heaven; here, close to the stunning coastline, there are airy and sunny hills of the ancient Luni where, since the days of the Roman Empire, gained fame for their plantations of vines from which were obtained in sublime wines.


Among treasures and gods

The name Luni derives from its consecration to the Roman goddess “Moon,” perhaps by the Triumvir Marco Emilio Lepidus, who participated in the founding of the colony in 177 BC.

While Nicola, according to historical sources the name of the village derives from the Byzantine term “Mikauria”, which then result in “mica aurea” refers to a known gold mine.


the love for the land

The combination of these territories and their story has meant the birth of our interest in making a further homage to this amazing part of the country, by investing in a reality that has always been the pride of Italy in the World — wine production.

Cantine Bondonor was born from the passion of the family Menconi, which Luca assimilates and cultivates for the lands that have seen him grow. Lover of the sea and its surge, that he knows very well, he produces wine to make sure that the smell of saline is infused into his products and to ensure that the historical lineage of the ancient villages do not lose forever its value.

Much has been invested since day one and still much will be spend in this area where you can still have an intimate, deep almost visceral relationship with the land and its fruits.

He defines it as a passion and not as a job, he calls himself “vignaiolo” and not as a manufacturer because the respect he has for the land, that he tramples every day, constantly rewards him with new goals and new emotions.